WATCH: films directed by Owen Tooth

Enjoy a fine selection of shorts, trailers and curios from Owen's career.


60-second microshort

The little film that could. This gem has won some fantastic awards including best comedy and best director, finding fans around the world. 

A story of change

See my 'About' page to read more about this groundbreaking, award-winning documentary which lays down a challenge to the film industry: we can do it. Let's see you do it, too!

The Body With No Face

A BBC New Creatives multiple award-winner including the highly coveted audience award at Boundless Film Festival. Ask for screener link.
Trapped in her body, a woman fights dehumanisation by the inescapable, nightmarish care system. Directly inspired by the writer's life in adult care.


A proof-of-concept, zero-budget short uses stunts, VFX and sound design to devastating effect.

St Paul of the Thorns

Showcasing the touring exhibition of Elizabeth Tooth's oil painting, a stunning portrait of... yours truly.

All That Glitters

A dark take on the Narnia story: what would happen if someone used the wardrobe for something awful?

American Blood

A 40-second comedy horror for FrightFest, reminding the audience to turn off their phones!

The Pack 

An experimental horror, listening to the memories of last night as they collide with the consequences of this morning. 

Microdoc: Amy

60 seconds on Amy, discusses working while treating each team member as an individual.

Microdoc: Bryanna

60 seconds on Bryanna, makeup artist and friend to the many cast members who cross her path each day.

Microdoc: Owen

60 seconds on me, talking about why I love directing and how I find today's climate.

Microdoc: Ian "The Blind Photographer"

60 seconds about Ian Treherne, the stupendously talented photographer whose style I adore. 

Devil's Tower: Trailer

The trailer for my debut feature, Devil's Tower starring Jason Mewes (Jay & Silent Bob; Kevin Smith's films), Roxanne Carrion née Pallett (Celebrity Big Brother 'punchgate')...

Devil's Tower: Lift

A simple but effective scene from my debut feature starring the brilliant, Tony Award-winning Frances Ruffelle, fighting an invisible assailant.

Labyrinth Derbicus

The film that kicked my journey off, winner of a 24/hr film competition

The Opening

A folkloric tale of a man with no voice, sent to a blacksmith who can forge him a new one - for a price. Early exploration of the dark fairytale.


16mm one-take poetry film shot on a crane. I wish I had a better scan of this! Projected on film in a number of UK festivals, included on a number of UK DVD feature releases by Salvation Films.

A Room of One's Own

Lockdown film for Disability Arts, a portrait of Elizabeth Tooth, the modern master as she creates an oil painting of a character from Owen's short The Opening