There are two tiers to film at live events:


Video feeds to Screen

Filming the event


Filming events is covered more fully in the Documentary page of this site.

Supplying a video feed to a screen for a live event is a specialist skill and requires an element of clairvoyance on the part of the camera operator to ensure the shot is always perfect; they need to concentrate on getting a shot of the main piece of action while always keeping an eye open for what’s coming next.

Toothpix can arrange the screen, camera and crew or simply plug in to existing screens, with one to three cameras.

One camera is the simplest setup but limits the shots we can achieve. This is perfectly acceptable for a simple conference or speech, but perhaps a little limiting for a concert or major event where two or more cameras would better be able to capture the excitement and scale.

We have frequently worked with the BBC Big Screen to cover live events such as concerts or Mayor’s speeches, relaying images to the screen from several cameras at once.

As with all films, the more you work with us to let us know what to expect and when, the better you can expect our work to be.

We can record the live feed or the individual images from each camera should you want the footage making into a wider documentary at a later date.