Our prices vary with the scale of each job. This flexibility allows us to take on large international marketing campaigns, internal informational films and smaller web videos with a price to suit each budget.

A quote is free, we just ask to know any ideas or plans you have for the film, plus three simple questions:

Who will watch the film?
How do you want them to feel?
What action should they take after watching it?




Every project is different, so please do email or phone on 0845 5440258 to discuss what you need from Toothpix for your budget.

Your Budget

The two considerations of budget are Time and People. The hours to be spent on a project are agreed at the outset so you will always know how much a project will cost. You’ll never get an extra bill from us if a film takes longer than we expected to edit – that’s our problem, not yours!

Toothpix can create films using a one-person crew for minimal prices (often suitable for documentary work where voiceover or music will be used), or shoot with a crew of director, camera operator and sound recordist for more polished work. For more ambitious films we can arrange for green-screen, stunt and special effects crews, digital animators, studios, composers, makeup artists, actors, presenters and voiceover artists; prices vary considerably so please supply details for an in-depth quote.

Still from event documentary directed by Owen Tooth


Expenses are always agreed BEFORE they are incurred and will be part of your final quote so there are no nasty surprises. Reasonable expenses will be charged to cover travel, food and hotel bills away from home. These reflect actual costs, not a chance to make a little extra on the side – and no, you’ll never be asked to pick up the bar tab!

Get in touch for a no-obligation quote

Please call or email for further details and a full quote for your video or DVD duplication.

Film for Derby City Council