I have never been involved in film/ video production; where do I start?

Toothpix can take care of the entire production from first ideas right through to delivery on DVD, internet or other formats. All you need is an aim and an audience. Eg “I need to promote a new area of my business to existing clients” or “I need to make 16-24 year-olds excited about my new venue” etc.

Film Still from Toothpix Fat Cat web video

How long will it take to have a video made?

That depends entirely on your needs and plans. We have produced films that have gone on to screen at festivals for clients with a three day deadline from first mention of the project, although this super-speed workflow is rare. Toothpix aims to work to your deadline; most films take three weeks to edit but this can be significantly shortened if need be. Filming can be over hours or days depending what is needed. Documentaries can be shot as soon as aims have been discussed, but films with actors or stunts will need more time to arrange shoots and film with significant digital work or music will take longer to complete.

Toothpix live event filming of golf charity day

What music will you use?

Toothpix video editing includes the cost of creating a bespoke track for your video using the music software Soudtrack Pro. If you want something more specific, we can assist with buying the license for the song of your choice or arrange a professional composer – we recommend David Beard Music Production.

Toothpix still from top prize winning short film

I want you to film a public event. What are the legalities?

That depends on the audience of the video. If it is for broadcast, you need permission from every person featured prominently on screen (or their parents or guardians if under 16). We can supply you with the contracts needed or take care of this ourselves. This is less critical for video intended to be used within your company only. It is good practice to inform people that a film crew will be attending the event and allow those who would prefer not to appear on camera to let you know.

Documentary Extraordinary Portraits of Ordinary People by Toothpix

How can I distribute the film you make for me?

There are many options; we can design a DVD cover and make copies for you to hand out or sell. We can encode the film for web use and upload it for you. We can make a version for you to email, put it on older formats like VHS, encode it for mobile phone or look into options such as the national BBC Big Screen network or broadcast.

Computer generated animation for Toothpix award winning educational film

I want to sell the film you make for me. Do I have to pay you royalties?

No. Our price structure is very simple; what you see is what you pay. After that it’s up to you what you do with the film.

Toothpix film about the Creative Partnerships scheme

I want to enter the film into a competition; is that ok?

Absolutely, so long as you don’t re-edit it or alter the credits; please do inform us of any awards!

Still from Toothpix film

I want to make copies of the film. How can I do that?

We never copy protect the DVDs we make unless you ask us to (life’s too short!). So, if you want to copy the film yourself, you’re welcome to do that; we don’t ask for any more money to give you the rights to do this. However, Toothpix does offer a competitive DVD Duplication service – so why not get in touch for a quote first?

Shot from Labyrinth Derbicus, top prize winning short by Owen Tooth