Toothpix has a wealth of experience in the documentary field. Documentary film can take may forms, ranging from ‘fly on the wall’ to ‘vox-pops’ to reconstructions. The linking factor for all documentary strands is a sense of truth; the audience is learning about something based in reality.

The array of ways to do this is what makes the format so exciting, and what lends a real magic to the development stage where we explore the options with you; should we interview key players and mix this with footage of events they refer to?

Should we make an animation with a character who tells us a story based on reality?

Perhaps we need to spend a week living with a case study, or set up an experiment and film the results.

Our documentaries have led to companies gaining huge increases in funding and national exposure, and have won awards and screened at festivals nationwide.

Toothpix feel strongly that documentary can be some of the most affecting and beautiful films. The possibilities are endless.

Seeing is believing.